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FDA, Tax, Customs, International, AML, Commercial Litigation & Healthcare Law

Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL is a Florida based FDA, tax, customs and international law firm serving both domestic and international business clientele. The firm's practice was created to meet the unique business needs of those involved in domestic and international trade and commerce as well as their accompanying regulatory compliance and litigation needs.

Working together and with a talented team of associates, the firm's partners Mitchell Fuerst, Andrew Ittleman, Christopher David and Allan Joseph represent their clients in the areas of Tax and Tax Litigation, Complex Business-related Litigation, Food and Drug Law (FDA), Administrative Law and Litigation, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance, Complex Transactions, and White Collar Criminal Defense.

If you are a part of a domestic, foreign, or multi-national organization facing challenges in any of these areas, please feel free to contact Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL for an initial consultation either by electronic mail or telephone. Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL takes pride in its prompt response and looks forward to the opportunity to be of assistance to your company.

Florida Tax Attorneys & Lawyers

Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL is adept at both sophisticated, complex tax planning from an international business perspective as well as dealing with tax controversies both outside of litigation as well as in the courtroom. FI principals work one-on-one with top corporate leadership, building relationships geared to enhancing the future successes of the company client. Let our Florida tax lawyers & attorneys help your business today.

Tax News


Florida Tax Attorney Blog

Entergy 4Q results top Wall Street's view

Democrats say Republicans hammering U.S. IRS for 'political purposes'

U.S., Canada forge deal in global anti-tax dodger push

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Tax Litigation Update: Ninth Circuit Decision Provides Significant Support for Taxpayers Seeking to Discharge Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

International Tax Compliance Update: Renouncing U.S. Citizenship to Avoid Taxes: Is It Worth It?

Tax Litigation Update: Supreme Court Limits Taxpayers’ Ability to Fight IRS Summons

Tax Litigation Update: Eleventh Circuit Holds Clear and Convincing Evidence Standard Applies to Penalties Imposed under IRC § 6701

International Tax Compliance Update: Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Modifications: A Trap for the Unwary

International Tax Compliance Update: IRS Hints at Coming Changes for Certain OVDP Filers

FATCA Update: As Additional Countries Agree to Share International Tax Information, Hiding Assets Abroad becomes Increasingly Difficult

Tax Litigation Update: United States v. Clarke Tests Limits of IRS Summons Enforcement Power

Marijuana Taxation Update: State Sanctioned Marijuana Industry Must Keep the Federal Anti-Drug Trafficking Tax Code in Mind

Tax Litigation Update: Eleventh Circuit Reverses Tax Court in Virgin Islands EDP Residency Cases


FDA Attorneys & Lawyers

Sometimes, the goal is product approval. Sometimes, it’s to protect or advance a position in the market. Occasionally, the aim is just to prevent current operations from being interrupted.

Whatever the objective, an impersonal bureaucracy involving the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), US Customs Department (Customs), or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be involved, as well as those of other countries. A labyrinth of global governmental oversight can exist when dealing with a worldwide marketplace.

One of the best advantages a food or drug manufacturer, processor, or distributor can have in these situations is an ally who not only is expert legal counsel, but who has career experience making his accustomed and adept in dealing with these agencies. For clients of Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL, that person is Mitchell S. Fuerst, Esq., head of the firm’s Food, Drug & Cosmetics section. Let our FDA lawyers & food and drug attorneys help your business today.

FDA, Food, Drugs & Cosmetics News


FDA Attorney Blog

FDA allows marketing of first medical device to prevent migraine headaches

FDA approves Myalept to treat rare metabolic disease

FDA issues first orders to stop sale, distribution of tobacco products

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Federal Marijuana Regulation: Why is Flexibility Critical in the Dawn of Legalization?

FDA Regulatory Update: Forecasting FDA Regulation of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) in 2015

Same Surgical Procedure Exception under 21 CFR 1271.15(b): FDA Raises More Questions Than it Answers Regarding the Scope of the Exception

Food Labeling and Marketing after POM LLC v. Coca-Cola Co.: Why Compliance with FDA Regulations May Not Be Enough

FDA Regulatory Update: International Crack Down on Online Pharmacies Identifies Over 1,900 Websites Selling Unapproved or Potentially Counterfeit Drugs to U.S. Consumers

FDA Publishes New Draft Guidance on Biosimilars As Congress Raises Questions About FDA’s Use of Draft Guidance Documents

“Prescription” v. “Recommendation”: How State Medical Marijuana Laws May Insulate Treating Physicians From Liability Under The Controlled Substances Act

False Claims Act Litigation Update: Bayer Decision Sheds Light on Pleading in False Claims Act Cases

FDA Regulatory Update: FDA to Recommend Reclassifying Hydrocodone Combination Drugs; Issue Highlights Cooperative Relationship Between FDA, DEA

FDA Medical Device Regulation Update: FDA Issues Final Rule for Unique Device Identification System


Complex and Business Litigation Attorneys & Lawyers

In business litigation, experience and skill are the keys to a successful result. International commerce is complicated and litigating its multi-faceted issues is complex. Sometimes, the laws and forums of several countries must be considered and weighed.

Litigation is a battle and FI attorneys stand with their clients in the fight. FI has fought for client rights not only in US State and Federal courts, but various national and international courts and tribunals. Let our complex & business litigation attorneys help your business today.

Complex Litigation News


Compliex & Business Litigation Blog

FDA's MedWatch Safety Alerts: February 2014

Federal Register: Medical Devices; General and Plastic Surgery Devices; Classification of the Absorbable Lung Biopsy Plug

Letter Regarding Removal of Notary Block on Export Certificates

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Complex Commercial Litigation Update: New York’s Separate Entity Rule and the Reemergence of Florida as a Potential Gateway for Judgment Creditors to Seize Debtors’ Foreign Assets in Enforcement and Collection Proceedings

Complex Litigation Update: Bridging the Gap between Data on Causation of Lost Profits and the Admissibility of Expert Opinions

Florida Litigation Update: Appeals Court Clarifies Procedure to Execute Against Alcoholic Beverage License

Bitcoin Update: Recent Decision May Provide Roadmap for Calculating Damages Associated with Bitcoin Related Litigation

Florida Appeals Court Clarifies Law On Derivative And Direct Shareholder Lawsuits

Florida Litigation Update: Arbitration Clauses are Not Always Enforceable

False Claims Act Litigation Update: Bayer Decision Sheds Light on Pleading in False Claims Act Cases

Florida Supreme Court Holds Statutory Cap on Non-Economic Wrongful Death Damages in Medical Malpractice Actions Violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Florida Constitution

Complex Litigation Update: SCOTUS Allows Plaintiffs’ State-Law Class Actions Against Law Firms, Financial Firms, and Others to Proceed

Florida Business Litigation Update: “Confidential” Settlements Really Need to Remain Confidential


Custom Attorney, Export Control Lawyer, Import & Trade Law

The US Customs Department regulates the import and export of goods & services crossing all United States borders and in doing so, US Customs enforces not only its own import and export regulations but those of other US agencies, as well. For companies dealing with international commerce, US Customs must be dealt with side by side with the Customs agencies of foreign governments for all nations in which the company does business.

While national economies depend upon the efficient flow of global trade and therefore the coordination of these various Customs authorities, the ease with which individual international companies zigzag through the maze of Custom regulations may not be as smooth. Let our custom attorneys and export control lawyers help your business today.

Custom, Import & Trade News


Custom & Export Control Law Blog

GAO-14-203, Telecommunications: Federal Broadband Deployment Programs and Small Business, February 07, 2014

GAO-14-237, Aviation Workforce: Current and Future Availability of Aviation Engineering and Maintenance Professionals, February 28, 2014

GAO-14-386T, Internet Pharmacies: Most Rogue Sites Operate from Abroad, and Many Sell Counterfeit Drugs, February 27, 2014

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Exporters and Trade-Based Money Laundering

Personal Liability for Export Violations: Civil Penalties for Individuals May be Trekking Toward You

Confession: Good for the Soul, but Bad for Business?

Upstream Assessment of Downstream Export Issues

Exporter Liability for Freight Forwarder Issues

When “Minor” Export Violations Can Become Federal Crimes

Export Compliance Update: OFAC Issues General License Easing Restrictions On Exportation Of Communications Services, Software, and Hardware To Iran

Announcing the Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph Mini-Blog

Customs Sharing Hard Times with Importers and Travelers

11th Circuit Case Signals Split on Law vs. Regulation vs. … Contract?


White Collar Defense Lawyers & Attorneys

White collar crime is a broad term that encompasses any illegal activity connected to a business or commercial transaction. It can involve US federal law or state law, civil statutes or criminal statutes and adjudication can result in loss of money in criminal fines or civil damages, together with criminal penalties that can include incarceration and forfeiture.

In the rough and tumble 24/7 world of international commerce, sometimes it may not be clear whether or not any illegality has, or may, occur. Any curiosity or concern here should not be dismissed: it is imperative that legal counsel be sought in order to protect and preserve defenses and strategic trial alternatives at the earliest possible juncture. Protecting yourself and your company against any white collar crime investigation is the epitome of applying the adage of ‘better safe than sorry. Let our white collar defense attorneys and lawyers help your business today.

White Collar Defense News


White Collar Defense Blog

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Exporters and Trade-Based Money Laundering

Confession: Good for the Soul, but Bad for Business?

Money Laundering in the News: Los Angeles Fashion District Raid Puts Trade-Based Money Laundering and Black Market Peso Exchange in Spotlight

Third Circuit decision highlights power of “good faith exception” to the exclusionary rule

When “Minor” Export Violations Can Become Federal Crimes

United States Supreme Court: Warrants are required to search digital data on seized cell phones

FDA Regulatory Update: International Crack Down on Online Pharmacies Identifies Over 1,900 Websites Selling Unapproved or Potentially Counterfeit Drugs to U.S. Consumers

White Collar Criminal Defense Update: Third Circuit Court of Appeals Discusses “Willful Blindness” Jury Instruction and Burden Shifting

Your Expectation of Privacy in Your Cell Phone is Currently Governed by the Law of the State in Which You are Arrested

Florida Criminal Law Update: Florida Appeals Court Declares Strict Liability Statute Unconstitutional


AML Attorneys & Anti-Money Laundering Lawyers

September 11, 2001, changed the way that the world does business in many ways. US security issues, among other things, have resulted in US Anti-Money Laundering legislation and its Bank Secrecy Act (AML-BSA) being the current major focus of both US and foreign bank regulators and financial leaders alike.

Corporate compliance is a continuing focus of regulatory agencies. To the financial services industry, foreign and domestic, the expense alone of increasing financial reporting and other operating requirements can be daunting; competing in an international marketplace with these additional parameters is frustrating and cumbersome. Let our AML attorneys and Anti-Money Laundering lawyers help your business today.

AML & Anti-Money Laundering News


Anti-Money Laundering Blog

Britons plead guilty to terrorism offences in US court

Mitigating the Risks of Doing Business in Indonesia

Iran - Who Is Steering the Ship?

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Exporters and Trade-Based Money Laundering

Money Laundering in the News: Los Angeles Fashion District Raid Puts Trade-Based Money Laundering and Black Market Peso Exchange in Spotlight

Bitcoin Update: Recent Decision May Provide Roadmap for Calculating Damages Associated with Bitcoin Related Litigation

Bitcoin Regulatory Update: CFPB Issues Consumer Advisory Regarding Virtual Currencies, Begins Accepting Complaints

Bitcoin Regulatory Update: The BitLicense: New York State Proposes Virtual Currency Licensing and Regulatory Regime

Operation Choke Point Update: Despite Congressional and Industry Criticism, DOJ Will Continue Crackdown On Payday Lending Industry

FTC Settlement with Payment Processor Highlights Importance of Anti-Money Laundering Programs for Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Corporate Compliance Officers Face Threat of Civil Monetary Penalties and Criminal Prosecution for Institutional AML Deficiencies

Choked Out: Operation Choke Point seeks to eliminate financial services for “high risk” businesses

Despite FinCEN and Department of Justice Guidance, Difficulties Remain for Financial Institutions Providing Services to Marijuana-Related Businesses


Florida Wealth Preservation Lawyers

Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL wealth preservation and asset protection practice works with clients throughout the United States and abroad to ensure that their hard-earned financial success stays where they want it to stay and goes where they want it to go.

Our practice team of experienced attorneys, accountants and financial planners work with our clients to analyze their current or prospective financial goals and strategies, establish a master plan to achieve those goals, implement the structure (whether domestically or offshore), and monitor the results on an on going basis to ensure that your wealth preservation and asset protection plan remains as effective as possible. Let our Florida wealth preservation lawyers help your business today.

Florida Estate Planning Attorneys

Whether performed as a result of a life-changing event such as marriage, the birth of a child, or the launch of a new business, or done in response to an influx or outflow of new wealth, assets, or responsibilities, estate planning is critical to assuring not only your long-term financial stability, but to giving you peace of mind as well. The professionals at Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL include experienced attorneys, certified public accountants, and wealth management specialists who can take you through the estate planning process. From identification and optimization of assets, to structuring and implementing the instruments and structures necessary to ensure the success of your estate plan, we are there for you. Let our Florida Estate Planning attorneys help your business today.

Healthcare Lawyers, Medical Device Attorneys, Bio-technology Law Firm

As Medicare payments continue to comprise an increasing share of health care profits, it is crucial that providers and suppliers receive the full coverage allowed under these programs. Such programs currently account for a significant percentage of the market and provide the primary model for private sector reimbursement. Our health care practice group assists clients in obtaining the highest reimbursement possible, while also helping to develop and implement strategies to ensure regulatory compliance, billing and coding accuracy and business development. Let our heathcare, medical device, and bio-technology law firm help your business today.

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Our firm enjoys the highest rating awarded by The Martindale-Hubbell Directory of Lawyers and Law Firms, the most nationally recognized law directory. We are also included in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers for 2008 through 2013.

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